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"You will Own Nothing And be happy." Once Upon a Wef Great Reset?

“You will Own Nothing And be happy.” 

At Least this is what the World Economic Forum says when talking about "The Great Reset".

The World Economic Forum (WEF), the gilded den of neoliberalism and corporate vested interests, has just released its annual assessment of global risks. The report is very big on what it describes as “co-operative approaches to economics and society” – or, in other words, even more corporate domination than we’ve come to expect from these gatherings. But at least there is a frank acceptance of both the failure of globalisation and the fact that capitalism as we know it is very dead.

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The WEF says that in the next ten years, the world will see sweeping changes brought on by “World 3.0,” which is also known as "The Great Reset". 

It has been widely publicised that the UK government wishes to pursue new methods of rebuilding our society which are rooted in 'social equality'. For years, certain factions have believed that the only means of achieving this aim is through global governance over which they would have an almost God-like authority. This philosophy is known as outright world government.

"Capitalism as we know it is dead" – according to the World Economic Forum. In their report, they suggest a new economic agenda is needed – a fourth industrial revolution – and a change in business models from ​capitalism to “stakeholder capitalism".

The magic words are 'stakeholder capitalism,' a concept that WEF chairman Klaus Schwab has been hammering for decades and which occupies pride of place in the WEF's Great Reset plan from June 2020. The idea is that global Capitalism should be transformed so that corporations no longer focus solely on serving shareholders but become custodians of society by creating value for customers, suppliers, employees, communities and other stakeholders.

The idea of stakeholder capitalism and multi-stakeholder partnerships might sound warm and fuzzy until we dig deeper and realize that this means giving corporations more power over society and democratic institutions less.

The Great Reset is also an initiative to accelerate efforts to reach net zero emissions, taking advantage of the “rapidly shrinking window” we have to move towards sustainability. For example , “building green urban infrastructure and creating incentives for industries to improve their track record on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics“. It would push all countries to become digital and “will lead to fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological identities”. So, watch out for breakthroughs about artificial intelligence, clean energies, technological revolutions, new governance models driven by digitalization, new forms of education based on technology or even fundamental changes in our understanding of human identity.

The task force’s assignment was to “develop a systemic-level plan that would capture the strategic role that the new industrial revolution could play in addressing some of our most pressing global challenges.” Despite its name, it will not be a “reset” of the entire world economy, but instead, a footnote on how we can generate more wealth and profit from fantastic technological advances.

The world has yet to become sustainable because of the missed opportunities in moving towards social justice. We still view sustainability as an environmental issue or an economic issue. However, the future generations (and I mean babies now) will see it as a grand opportunity, rather than a forced limitation.

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